Our focus is on attracting investment and pursuing jobs through retention, expansion and recruitment of primary businesses in this community that generate wealth, enhance the quality of life and embrace future generations.

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Kitsap Economic Development Alliance Mission

Through a partnership of business and government, KEDA seeks to attract investment and grow jobs in communities throughout Kitsap County. We do so by delivering client-based business creation, retention, expansion, and recruitment services aimed at connecting business clients to new strategic resources and relationships.

Located in the Central Puget Sound, Kitsap County offers all the benefits of the Seattle/Tacoma Market without the gridlock and high prices. Kitsap residents and visitors enjoy nearly 300 miles of scenic saltwater coastline, friendly, laid-back communities, award-winning golf courses, ready access to transportation for individuals and commerce, a countywide, high-speed fiber optic backbone, and more.

A small-town sense of community combined with a big-city sense for business give Kitsap a distinct personality that’s nothing short of irresistible.

Kitsap County ranks high in essential economic development indicators: educational attainment and skilled workforce; development of intellectual property; per capita economic output; and, median household incomes. Our businesses thrive and prosper in a highly competitive marketplace.

Multi-mode access to markets – Close proximity to rail, deep water ports, airfields, and interstate highway system in uncongested traffic areas.

Kitsap is a recognized leader in several key regional economic sectors: maritime; military; advanced manufacturing; healthcare; professional business services; technology; and tourism. And, Kitsap is home to the most-dense concentration of engineering talent in the Seattle region.

Workforce: A vast, skilled labor pool generated by the Navy, government contractors and commuters. Naval Base Kitsap employs over 32,000 military and civilian personnel, in addition to defense contractor operations. This sector creates a substantial pool of available talent.

Kitsap presents a compelling case for exceptional value in economic opportunity in life, education, work, creativity and recreation, and in a bright, healthy, prosperous and sustainable future for generations to come. We welcome opportunities to speak with your business or organization and brief you on Kitsap’s economy; and, its character, composition and many competitive advantages.

Snapshot of Kitsap Military & Defense Economy

Kitsap County is home to a dense defense economy with 50% of its employment base (approximately 40,000 FTEs) tied to the military and defense industry, supported by an annual direct expenditure by the Department of Defense of $1.6 billion, or approximately $6,200 per Kitsap County resident. This spending generates an annual economic impact in Kitsap of $6.1 billion. Approximately 25% of all base-related jobs are in the field of engineering.

Location and Transportation

Located 10 miles from Seattle on the westside of Puget Sound, Kitsap businesses and residents enjoy proximity to one of the nation’s most vibrant centers of business and industry. Connections via multiple transportation options are virtually congestion and stress free:

  • Easy access to I-5 and I-90
  • 5-Points of departure aboard the nation’s largest ferry system
  • 1-hour drive time to Boeing Field & Sea-Tac International Airport
  • National airport (6000-foot runway – Charter & Corporate Jet Service)
  • 30 miles to deep water shipping ports
  • Rail connections to coastal ports
  • Access to deep water ports

Commercial & Industry Services

Kitsap County is connected to major shipping routes via land, sea, and air. Accessible local highways give businesses fast access to Tacoma, Seattle, and interstate trucking routes. Commercial vehicles, with some restrictions, are also welcome aboard Washington State ferries.

Shipping lanes throughout Puget Sound were designed to accommodate the largest Naval ships and are also used frequently for commercial shipping and transportation. A number of marinas and boat yards in the county can accommodate large, commercial ships and boats.

Puget Sound Pacific Transportation Corridor connects Port of Bremerton to the marine terminals at Port of Grays Harbor (http://www.portofgraysharbor.com/) on coastal Washington State. Less than 2 hours from the open sea, Port of Grays Harbor offers the closest U.S. multi-modal Port to and from international markets of the Pacific Rim.


Bremerton National Airport is minutes away from almost every location in the county and SeaTac International Airport can be reached in an hour or less by road or ferry.

Public Commuter Services

Kitsap residents skip the long, frustrating commutes common in the Seattle region and travel via the uncongested and well-connected highway system that traverses the county. Kitsap residents working in the Seattle area commute board Washington State Ferries which offers services to Seattle and points North and South from Kingston, Bainbridge Island, Bremerton, and Port Orchard. Bus and vanpool services are available from Kitsap and Seattle Transit.

Puget Sound Industrial Center-Bremerton (PSIC-B)

Location and Infrastructure:

  • Located in City of Bremerton, Kitsap County
  • Close to highway, municipal airport and ferries
  • Utilities adjacent
    • Fiber (KPUD)
    • 3 Phase Power (PSE)
    • Water (City of Bremerton)
    • Phone (CenturyLink)
    • Sewer (Port of Bremerton)
    • Natural Gas (Cascade Natural Gas)
  • Zoned industrial
  • Master Plan designation
  • One of 8 designated Manufacturing/Industrial Centers in the Central Puget Sound (Seattle) Region
  • PSIC-B / SKIA Certified Evergreen Building Permit Fee Rebate Program — New PSIC-B / SKIA Evergreen Certified developments may be eligible for a rebate between 75% and 100% in building permit fees only.
  • Site sits on WA State Highway 3; 4 miles to State Highway 16 (divided four-lane); Highway 16 connects to I-5 North and South-bound.
  • Easy access to shipping at Port of Tacoma terminals
  • Long term land lease negotiated with Port of Bremerton
  • Properties available for sale from private property owners

Kitsap County Industrial Parks

  1. Puget Sound Industrial Center (PSICBremerton) formerly “SKIA” (Includes Olympic View Industrial Park)
  2. Port Orchard Airport (Gig Harbor North Industrial Park)
  3. Port Orchard Industrial Park
  4. West Hills/Wright Creek
  5. Newberry/Dickey/El Dorado Area
  6. Twelve Trees Business Park
  7. Bond Road Business Parks (Calvary Business Park; Arbor Business Park; Kennedy Business Park)
  8. Port Madison Enterprises Property (Agate Pass Business Park)
  9. Day Road Industrial Parks

Available Aerospace Workforce

  • Home to Naval Base Kitsap, Kitsap County has the region’s highest concentration of engineering talent and educational attainment
  • Targeted aerospace education training and incentives
  • Top employer-led advanced manufacturing apprenticeship program in the state

3400-acre Greenfield Industrial Site

  • Largest in Seattle Region, adjacent to Bremerton National Airport (PWT) with 6,200-ft all weather runway
  • Puget Sound Industrial Center—Bremerton, provides sustainable design & development incentives
  • Designated Washington Aerospace Manufacturing Community

Access to markets and complex supply chain

  • 15 air miles to Boeing Field and SeaTac International Airport
  • Direct access to rail, deep water ports, airfields and interstate highway system
  • Proven success in supplying multifaceted defense sector
  • Kitsap companies increasing access with new aerospace contracts and certifications