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24/7 Wall St. has ranked Bremerton-Silverdale, part of the Seattle Aerospace Market, as the #2 most innovative city in the United States.

  • Patents granted in 2015 per 100,000 residents: 348.7
  • Patents granted in 2015: 7,278
  • Population: 260,131
  • Adults with at least a bachelor’s degree: 33.5%

Bremerton-Silverdale is one of two metro areas from Washington state on this list of the most innovative in the nation. Nearly 349 patents were granted in 2015 per 100,000 people in the region, the second highest patents per capita on the list.

In addition to multiple patent awards to Kitsap residents, companies in this community have a strong history of SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) grants. Among them are Art Anderson Associates and ATS (Applied Technical Systems).

Applied Technical Systems and Gryphon Technologies are two technology companies with facilities in Silverdale that have received federal and defense contracts, including agreements to develop a floating radar system.

Verizon adds the Bremerton-Silverdale to their list of top innovative metro areas in The United States

It may be surprising that the Puget Sound region would win a higher seat on the list than Seattle, but it makes sense considering the area is home to a major naval base, is a busy seaport, and has a profitable shipbuilding industry. The cluster of islands and peninsulas exudes a small-town maritime feel with a dedicated outdoor recreation community, but loses none of the fast-paced urban activity of a proper metropolitan area. “Database and File Management or File Structures” (a more technical way of describing data storage, access, and processing) wins the patent battlefront here, charging the economy with constant tech developments. Seattle may be just across the way, but Bremerton and Silverdale aren’t intimidated a bit.